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Welcome to Synchronicity Times!

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There is a revolutionary awakening taking place throughout the world which people are understanding more clearly on a daily basis.  The awareness of synchronicity is permeating the everyday lives of an increasing number of people.

Synchronicity Times' goal is to help people understand the concept of synchronicity so that they don't feel alone or confused.  Synchronicity seems to defy rational or logical explanation which can contribute to feelings of fear.  It is an occurrence that can sometimes be useful but can also be misused, causing confusion or loss of touch with one's feelings.

Synchronicity Times is dedicated to the understanding of synchronicity, and helping others utilize this phenomenon in determining their life path.

If you would like to contribute an article, story, or essay that relates to synchronicity please send an email (our email address is below).  All types of material will be considered. You will retain all rights if your work is published.


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